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E-Billzz Restro – Restaurant Management Software

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E-Billzz Restro – Restaurant Management Software

Introducing E-Billzz Restro, the ultimate software for restaurant management that ensures better and easier service for your establishment. With E-RECIPE, you gain complete control over various aspects of your restaurant operations, from inventory management to accounting.

Key Features:

  1. Restaurant Management: E-RECIPE is specifically designed for restaurant management, providing comprehensive tools and features to streamline operations and enhance customer service.
  2. Better and Easier Service: With E-RECIPE, you can provide better and easier service to your customers, improving their dining experience and increasing customer satisfaction.
  3. Inventory Control: Take control of your inventory with E-RECIPE’s inventory management capabilities, ensuring optimal stock levels and minimizing wastage.
  4. Food and Beverage Cost Management: Monitor and manage food and beverage costs effectively with E-RECIPE, helping you maintain profitability and control expenses.
  5. Daily Sales Tracking: Track daily sales performance with ease using E-RECIPE, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize sales strategies.
  6. Order Management: Streamline order management processes with E-RECIPE, ensuring accurate and efficient order processing from customers to the kitchen.
  7. Accounting Integration: Integrate accounting functions seamlessly into E-RECIPE, simplifying financial management and reporting for your restaurant.
  8. Touch Screen Point of Sale (POS): E-RECIPE supports touch screen facilities in point of sale systems, enhancing user experience and speeding up order processing.
  9. Touchable Icons for Food Categories and Items: Utilize touchable icons for food categories and items in E-RECIPE’s billing process, making it easier for staff to navigate and process orders quickly.
  10. Dining Table Layout: E-RECIPE provides a dining table layout feature for optimal customer seating management, ensuring a smooth flow of service and customer satisfaction.
  11. Mobile App Integration: Waiters can take orders directly from tables and send Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) to the kitchen using E-RECIPE’s mobile app, improving communication and order fulfillment efficiency.

E-RECIPE is the perfect solution for restaurants looking to streamline operations, improve service quality, and maximize profitability. Experience the benefits of E-RECIPE for your restaurant management needs.